Friday Programs

The Efficient Groomer

Judy Hudson

Known for her “get’er done” style, Judy has groomed as many as 18 dogs in a day in her mobile unit! After years of working 6-7 days a week, she now works 3 days a week bringing in a six-figure income. To say she has it down to a fine science is an understatement! When another groomer rode with her, she said it was like watching a well l-oiled machine. If you are looking to streamline your grooming business, this is a must see!

Ways to Add Income to Your Salon or Service Business

Judy Breton

Part I Learn ways to add income by adding retail or adding special services for your business. We will explore & evaluate location, space allocation, different display ideas. What inventory to care and more.

Part II We will look at your grooming charges and how menu pricing can add dollars to your income. Plus, dozens of ideas you can add more options for your clients to pamper their pets in your care. In these tough times clients want to do more for their pets, a little extra, for the love their Fur family member is giving them to show their LOVE. You can give your clients that little extra and make money at the same time.