Saturday Programs

It’s About Time!: Anne’s Shop Shortcuts

Anne Francis

Anne Francis will discuss timesaving techniques she utilizes every day in the professional grooming salon. Whether you are new to grooming or established and just looking for a few timesaving tips, Anne has got some great ideas. Sometimes referred to as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by her boss, she has streamlined her approach to grooming everything from the Beagle to the Bouvier! Come ready to learn and see some of the pro tips from this member of GroomTeam USA!

Introduction to the Finer Race: The Feline Face

Blake Hernandez

In this fun filled Cat-centric hour, you will learn some great starter services for cat clients to get your foot in the door with Feline Grooming. We will go over everything from how to check-in cats, how to set you and your salon up for success with cat appointments, and what tools are a must when working in the specialized field. To top it all off, Blake will demonstrate how to naturally groom a cat’s face so that your "bath cats" leave looking fiercer than ever before. This is key to separate your service from every other service around!

The Invisible Grooming

Victor Rosado

Join Victor in this one of a kind training seminar that features the art of invisible grooming. Done properly, this can bring in big revenue to your grooming practice. This is a must-see seminar that will help you to understand the use of some specific tools to achieve a more natural look, the way it is required in many breeds. Invisible grooming will help you to set a profile with seamless transitions.

Is the Customer Always Right? Or Can We Educate the Modern Customer?

Jessica Adorno & Melissa Mitchner

As we all know, the trends are changing and owning a pet has become more popular than ever. There’s a huge gap in education as per these new designer doodles, oodles and more. In this one-hour seminar, Melissa Mitchner, salon owner and, Jessica Adorno, mobile owner will combine forces to role play different scenarios and adversities the modern-day salon and mobile owners face. Topics will include how to navigate the client check-in, routing and booking, cancellations, deposits and so much more. The main the goal of this seminar is to educate and modernize the aspiring and seasoned groomer.

Turn Your Business Into a Brand

Joey Villani

Most professional groomers know how to groom, and they have some business skills. But there are certain aspects that are always left on the table and usually are the most important. This seminar will help you figure out your target audience and make your business become a household brand that everyone in your neighborhood will recognize.

Where There's a Jill There's a Way

Jill Hailey

Not just for the Mobile Groomer, but the entrepreneur-minded! In this session, you will learn how Jill Hailey took her love of dogs and used her self-taught business marketing skills and turned it into a multi-faceted dog grooming success story. You'll learn how, in just five years, she has grown her business to own eight mobile units, a brick & mortar salon, a monthly scissor and supply subscription, and a grooming supply company. Jill will share her "strike while the iron is hot" approach to tackling even the biggest venture, along with some tested and practical ideas for marketing and growth.

Modern Styles

Olga Zabelinskaya

Do you want to be a trendy groomer? If yes, then join Olga for this Modern Styles seminar. Olga will explain why Asian styles are a must to add to your A La Carte salon price list, basics of pricing, and secrets of achieving those cartoon looking images followed by a demonstration of her magic.

Art of Airbrushing

Adriane Pope

Adriane will show you how and where to begin offering airbrushing as a service to your clients. She will cover airbrushing on long and short coats as well as light and dark coats. And will also go over different techniques for different effects, mixing colors, equipment and much more. By the end of the class Adriane will completely transform a dog’s coat into an art piece.

There's More to Your HV Dryer: Facts, Proven Methods, Untold Secrets

Dave Campanella

Discover what really matters for enhanced dryer performance. While tub time and liquid products are critical parts of the grooming process, one’s HV drying methods are typically overlooked, undervalued and misunderstood. This seminar provides a complete understanding of the drying process backed by science and proven secrets of the trade. Learn how to avoid creating more tangles, release more matts & shedding. Replace brushing all by using your dryer to its utmost potential. Ever wonder what the difference is between all those different nozzles? Do Amps or Horse Power really matter? What is CFM? Know what to look for in a new dryer and simple maintenance tips. A fresh perspective and “must see” for any salon owner, mobile business or start-up!

Cracking the Code to Customer Loyalty: How Customers Choose Their Go-To Groomer

Steve Martin

Naturally, every pet services business wants to be their client’s “go-to” place. However, a lot goes into building and earning customer loyalty – from quality of service and personal relationships, to location and convenience – and it can be hard for business owners to know how to excel in each of these aspects and to understand which ones consumers prioritize.

Steve Martin, will discuss the findings of a 2020 survey which dives deep into what consumer prioritize when finding their go-to pet grooming providers. Audience members will walk away from this session with more information about today’s consumers’ preferences and behaviors, and how to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

Kerry Blue Terrier Show-Stopping Pet Trim

Valerie Partynski

Learn the nuances of the Kerry Blue Terrier trim with Valerie as she transforms a dog from frumpy to fabulous. Valerie will discuss the breed standard and how you can translate that into a great looking pet trim in the shop. What is the proper blade or attachment comb length to use? How do I set the cheek lines? Where does the Fall start? If you find yourself asking these questions, you can get your answers here. Valerie’s tips and tricks for the Kerry Blue Terrier will have you walking away with grooming education you can use on all your Kerry Blue Terrier clients.