Sunday Programs

Workplace Safety Certificate Course

Mary Oquendo

There is a reason pet grooming gets the high-risk insurance rating. Not only is it a physically demanding job, let's add in working with live animals. In this workshop, learn how to prevent and mitigate those injuries that have the potential to end a career, as well as drive up your workmen's compensation insurance premium.

This certificate course will cover facility safety, animal related injuries, equipment safety, and mitigation and prevention. All participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate of completion for this course.

Care, Sharpening & Maintenance of Your Most Irreplaceable Tool: You!

Chris Anthony

In this class you’ll learn that holistic is more than just a buzzword, as we cover how to care for the mind, body and spirit; as well as why and how all three work together to create awesome groomers & all-around people! Topics will include: how stress & burnout can affect us physically, combating fatigue, plus tools & tips to help fix the horrible things we do to our body while grooming. Treating our health as a whole person can improve not just our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of our business, join me to learn how!