Sunday Programs

Grooming for Structure

Kathryn Dixon

Ask any beautician and they’ll tell you every hair style doesn’t fit every face. The same is true in grooming - dogs come in 100 different shapes and sizes. In this demo you’ll learn how to evaluate the individual dog and groom to its strengths while honoring the pet parent’s requests.

Animal Psychology 101

Michelle Knowles

Discover what is going on in the animal’s mind; why dogs and cats do what they do. Take a peek behind the eyes and journey on to a road map of the brain. When we understand the psychology, we are able to work with animals on a much deeper level. Grooming, training and just understanding pets becomes much easier when you are armed with this solid information.

Running Your Business to Its Maximum Potential

Joey Villani

We all go through the same things in business when we’re having a hard time figuring out what we should be charging, dealing with difficult clients and figuring out how to move forward. If you are struggling with this, then this is the seminar for you. Figure out what you should be charging, how to streamline your day-to-day operation, and be confident that you are doing everything to its maximum potential.

Bereavement for Groomers

Chris Anthony

We deal with loss & grief as part of the human condition, but as caregivers for pets we form a special bond with the pets we care for. When our clients pass, both 2 & 4 legged, we as groomers often grieve as if a part of our own families has passed. How do we deal with these losses without succumbing to compassion fatigue? There IS crying in pet grooming, and that’s ok. Let’s chat and learn ways to process our grief in a healthy way.

Holistic Grooming; It’s Only Natural

Malissa Conti-Diener

Trending now in the grooming industry; getting back to a more connected way of grooming. Consider the whole animal, body mind and spirit. Learn the ways of compassionate handling, understanding natural product selections, building a holistic atmosphere, staying grounded and balanced while dealing with difficult pets and how to educate your clients on why you are following this philosophy. Take a new look at the compassionate holistic groomer.

Poodle Know How

Tammy Siert

The Poodle is one of the most groomed breeds in our shops, no matter the size—we get a lot of them! Wanting to step up your game? This live grooming seminar tells all! How to determine what trim will look good on each pet, setting lengths on different parts of the dog and proper tool selections will be covered. Tammy will also cover client education on at-home maintenance and how often they should schedule for a professional groom.

Meow, Wow! with Dana: Feline Grooming Success

Dana Chavez-Rey

In this one-hour class, Dana offers her secrets to being a successful cat groomer and what to have on hand to make grooming less stressful for you and the cat. Do you have the right attitude? Why are you grooming this cat? What will set me apart from the rest?

Add-Ons and Pricing

Joey Villani

In this one-hour class, Joey will go over the five must-do’s in order to run a professional, profitable and efficient salon or mobile operation. He will cover advertising, organization, professionalism, pricing and continued business through rebooking.