Sunday Programs

Salon Design

Mario Difante

Discover ways and ideas to create the ideal salon for your needs. In this seminar, Mario will share concepts for new salon setups, redesigning existing salons, incorporating upgrades, and efficient layouts to save time and money. If you’ve been thinking of giving your salon a new look, you won’t want to miss this one!

Grooming to Structure and Outline on a Poodle

Chris Pawlosky

This is a must see for beginners and experienced groomers wanting to separate themselves from the pack. We will walk you thought the procedures which will help you create the ideal image on any dog in record time. We will be using a Poodle for the outlining process! This session will demonstrate scissoring, universal combs and many other helpful products and techniques. After watching us, a new groomer can achieve balance, breed profile and a great finish on any dog. You will see it all in a live grooming demo!

AKC Bichon Certificate Course

Cheryl Purcell

This four-hour AKC Grooming Certificate Course will focus on the history, physiology and temperament of the bichon, then end with a demo of a breed standard grooming. The course is designed to give groomers an in-depth understanding of bichons to better serve the needs of the dog and client. This class is a great addition to your grooming association certification, or the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the world of continuing education. The AKC will mail a frameable certificate to everyone attending the course.

Doggie Repair Kit Barkleigh Certificate Course

Gary Wilkes

Learning to stop unacceptable behavior is the key to keeping dogs alive. Many modern methods for behavioral control focus on "teach an alternate behavior" and "gradual desensitization." By the time those things can possibly work, it is already too late. Most dog owners seek help at the last minute - and last-minute solutions are the only ones that are going to save the dog's life. This series will describe what it takes to stop the most common canine catastrophes in an effective, safe and proactive manner. Don't miss it - you won't find this information anywhere else!

Hour 1) Housetraining

The most common problem for pet owners is house-soiling/house-training. It is also the most common reason for cats to be surrendered to shelters or abandoned. If you understand the process of house-training, your ability to retain clients will improve dramatically. This class will give you foundational information about the process, discuss specific tools for solving the problem, case histories and trouble-shooting.

Hour 2) Restraint/Safe Handling

Gary has handled well over 40,000 dogs and cats in shelters and an additional 10,000 as a behaviorist working by veterinary referral, and has only been bitten four times. He has taught handling to veterinarians, shelter staff, vet techs, groomers and boarding professionals for many years. This class will give you as many general safety concepts as possible with a focus on real world practical techniques. Let’s get safe together!

Hour 3) Barking

All across the country, barking dogs cause problems. In the community, local noise ordinances can allow a spiteful neighbor to force an owner to get rid of a dog. In a kennel, noise from barking can literally deafen workers over time, prevent any communication in a kennel area, and stress any humans or other dogs in that environment. Barking is truly a potentially lethal nuisance that deserves some attention. This class will discuss causes and solutions in the real world of barking dogs.

Hour 4) Aggression

There are two aspects to aggression that concern pet professionals. First, the dog can hurt you, your staff, clients or other pets. Second, aggression is most often lethal. This class will discuss both aspects of aggression with practical suggestions for controlling it and specific descriptions of how it can be controlled.

The Burn Out Blues

Will Comparsi

A seminar from one of the biggest personalities in the grooming industry, be prepared to laugh, maybe cry, hear inspirational stories from a lifetime career in the crazy dog grooming world. Be inspired to grow personally and find the joy and passion you once had. This is “Will” uncensored and uncut.

How to Find and Keep Great Groomers

Melissa Verplank

Staffing your grooming department can be a huge challenge. Melissa knows. She’s been there countless times herself. Over the years, she has learned what it takes to find great groomers – and keep them. In this session, Melissa shares her secrets to recruiting talent; talent who wants to grow their own skills and see the company succeed. She’ll talk about what to look for when hiring and ideas on how you can encourage personal growth within your team. Plus, she will discuss a unique compensation plan when it comes to paying your grooming team. Melissa’s methods are time-tested and proven. When used correctly, they ensure longevity and job satisfaction. These two areas are important when it comes to growth, profitability and a smooth-running grooming operation.