Thursday Programs

Poodle Parlor

Macie Pisa & Blake Hernandez

In this fast and flashy, FABULOUS seminar you will observe as Blake and Macie refine, tweak, and transform a poofy pet into poodle perfection! You will learn time saving tricks and critical breed characteristics to enhance even the doodliest of dogs. They will discuss patterns and essential tools to help increase your speed and style at the table!

Grooming Around the World

Victor Rosado

Learn the universe of grooming from the eyes and hands of a world traveling master groomer! Victor will also share the trends, the actual evolution and his adventures. This seminar features demos on model dogs.

Styled Pet Trims that Suit Owners’ Needs

Sarah Drouin

Do you know what questions to ask and how to ask them when it comes to what the client wants vs what they actually are able to maintain? Style doesn't have to be compromised with pet owners who have a busier lifestyle. Sarah will go over how to talk with the clients and educate them to suite their lifestyle and needs. This will create a great relationship with the client as well as a happier stylist and dog. Sarah will also demonstrate a very short yet stylish trim for someone who wants fluffy but can’t handle a yellow/zero guard comb.